Stein als Wort (Stone as a Word, also available with the English word STONE), water jet cut stone, air, 15,5 x 38 x 2,5 – 3 cm, 2017; Edition of 8, signed and numbered;

Philosophy was the source of inspiration, poetry the result of this stand and wall piece. It’s an independent artwork but part of a series together with “Water as a Word” and “Air as a Word”. There is no paint or ink of the letters, but only air surrounded by stone and the thought of the process: the computer-controlled water jet cut, in which the piece did not come into contact with tools or other materials than pure water.

Erinnerung Vergessen 3, stone, sand-blasted letters, 30 x 60 x 2 cm, 2017

Commemorative plaque. Learn more in the description of „Erinnerung vergessen 1“

Erinnerung Vergessen 2, stone (project)

The letters „Erinnerung Vergessen“ are sandblasted on the base of a former monument. The monument itself is missing, and thus the event it was commemorating. Learn more in the description of „Erinnerung vergessen 1“.